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Profess-branded software can be deployed either...

  • Cloud-based (hosted on servers managed by Pillar Software)
  • Installed (on your own server)

Long-established customers may still use our Windows software which is only available as a customer-installed solution. This page is concerned only with our standard web applications.

For queries of a technical nature regarding our legacy Windows solutions, please contact our Helpdesk.

Browser Requirements 

Profess web-based products are built to run on any of the major browsers.

In line with the recommendations of many of the companies who create these browsers, such as Microsoft, we expect and strongly recommend that users are no more than 2 major releases behind the current Major Build available.

This does not mean web editions of Profess won't run on earlier editions of browsers, or less popular versions but you are advised to consider the following...

  • Users may experience some display or functionality issues if running more than 2 releases behind the current edition of any browser. 
  • Performance may not be optimised if you are not using the very latest edition of your chosen Browser.
  • Although Profess is secure (Pillar Software are ISO 27001 certified), Browsers themselves are often updated for improvements to their security; it therefore follows that you reduce risk by maintaining the latest build.

You should note that Pillar reserve the right to decline Helpdesk support for Browser issues where the above recommendations are not in place. Browser issues should always be raised first with your own IT support.

Pillar Software are ISO 9001 and 27001-compliant.


Cloud-based solutions from Pillar Software

What you get 

Profess-branded software in the Cloud is delivered as a complete ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution, hosted on Pillar Software-managed servers, working with our partners at Cloud Heroes.

Cloud software makes hot-desking, remote-working, on-site access, and bring-your-own-device (BYoD) easy. Wherever you have access to a web browser, you have access to your Profess subscriptions.

With Profess in the Cloud, Pillar takes care of all aspects of IT beyond your Browser and internal network, providing...

  • Access to Profess in the Cloud for the subscribed number of users for the subscription year.
  • Automatic free upgrades, applied during off-peak times.
  • Hourly and daily database backups, retained and automatically destroyed on a weekly cycle.
  • No limits on the amount of data you can store.
  • Access to our dedicated UK-based Helpdesk every working day.
What you need

The Cloud solution is the simplest to deploy and easiest for you to manage: you need access only to a web browser. See the top of this page for browser requirements. 

Outputs can be generated to PDF, Excel and Word. To open or view output in these formats you will need the appropriate proprietary software. Adobe Reader is still free and can be downloaded here.

Before taking out a subscription to any Cloud-based software, you need to be certain that your infrastructure and connection speed is up to the job of deploying software in this way. We test all Profess-branded Cloud-based solutions in our own office to the same Cloud environment as our real users, checking them for acceptable performance, so we are always sure that the speed of our application is commercially acceptable - and it is on that basis that any infrastructure issues which might arise need to be progressed by your own IT support. 

Access Anywhere

Profess products hosted in our cloud based solution means the software can be accessed anywhere on any device – all that’s needed is your unique organisation link and an internet enabled device.

Accessing Profess products using a desktop device will need to ensure they meet the recommendations above for browser requirements.

On mobile devices Profess products are supported on the latest version of iOS, Android and Windows operating systems – older operating systems should still work but there is a risk that issues may arise.

Customer-installed edition 

What you get

Profess-branded software on your own servers is generally cheaper (minimum subscription rates may apply), and of course you retain complete control of both application and database. Consequently this does mean you or your own IT providers will need to equip you with, and manage your own infrastructure, servers, operating systems and database licences etc.

Most importantly, a Profess-branded product will not differ in functionality irrespective of whether installed or accessed from the Cloud.

The installed subscription will include...

  • Access for the subscribed number of users for the subscription year.
  • Access to our secure download area for your to deploy any upgrades on your own timetable.
  • Data is only limited to your own server and infrastructure.
  • Access to our dedicated UK-based Helpdesk every working day.

Although your own IT are responsible for back-ups, storage, MS SQL server and Crystal Reports licences, Pillar are able to provide remote support for installation and upgrades of our software and database, on demand. This is a chargeable service for installed subscriptions.

What you need

An installed environment obviously needs the hardware (ideally a server for the application layer, and a separate one for the database), operating system and licences as well as the network infrastructure, but also the MS SQL server database licences, a Crystal Reports licence and of course a suitable Browser for each end-user. See the top of this page for browser requirements.


Obviously the bigger and more powerful the server(s) you load to, the better the performance and capacity. However, please consider below the minimum specification for fair performance. Ideally, you should seek to exceed this specification to enjoy a better experience of the web applications you have subscribed to.

Application Server 

4GB RAM with at least a 2GHz dual core processor. Depending on which Profess product you are running, you should allow for at least 1GB of capacity for application files.

Database Server & MS SQL Server version

4GB RAM with at least a 2GHz dual core processor.  For deployments of 50+ staff on Time Manager OR when running Profess Works/Roads Cost Manager, you should increase this to at least 8GB RAM and likewise add more processing power.   

With regards storage capacity, this will depend on the size of your organisation and module being deployed. We recommend you scope-in 500MB growth pa, or triple this if you're deploying applications like Roads Cost Manager/Works with invoices, delivery notes and work orders etc. So a starting deployment of 150-200GB capacity would be sufficient, but your own IT need to ensure scalability and manage performance.

It is expected that your IT supplier will set-up and maintain your MS SQL environment (including your backup strategy) and, in particular, ensuring it is never more than 2 major releases behind the current version released by Microsoft. Although the software will run on earlier builds of SQL Server, Pillar Software reserve the right to decline support for any issues that might arise from not maintaining your MS SQL Server within that 2 major version threshold. Smaller organisations may wish to consider MS SQL Express edition; again consult your own IT provider.

In order to run reports within our Profess products and not be in breach of licence, you must have purchased (but need not necessarily install) a copy of Crystal Reports (currently CR2008) and maintain these licences to match the current build used in your Profess product. Pillar do not supply this, but can put you in touch with a reseller. (note: Crystal licences are covered by Pillar on the Cloud edition of our software).

Operating System 

At Pillar we compile against new builds of the Microsoft o/s with the view that it is important to remain no more than 2 major versions behind the current release, and with same support caveats as articulated above. This applies also to MS IIS and the .NET framework or its successors.

Access Anywhere

Profess products installed on Customer servers are unlikely to be able to be accessed outside of the organisations network without some changes to the infrastructure. We advise the use of a DMZ in order to host the application is a secure zone that allows users to access the products both internally and externally to the organisations network. Please note this is not something Pillar Software are able to help set up and would need to be carried out by the organisations IT support.

Once in a DMZ users will be able to access the software using desktop or mobile devices.

Accessing Profess products using a desktop device will need to ensure they meet the recommendations above for browser requirements.

On mobile devices Profess products are guaranteed to work on the latest version of iOS, Android and Windows operating systems – older operating systems should still work but there is a risk that issues may arise.

Profess: proven by professionals

Contact us today on 01531 822622 and find out how Profess might help you reduce admin time spent on time-tracking or costing while improving oversight.