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What’s in store for Profess in 2014?

Our goal in 2014 is to bring the Profess brand together. This will mean moving to a single revised website with a clearer means of finding out what’s the latest for both existing and potential users of Profess solutions.

Expect new modules such as Profess Premises Portal, the Profess Client Commissioning web applications to be completed as well as the final touches to Profess Resource Manager (the first add-on for Time Manager).

We’ve already won our first contract for Roads Cost Manager beyond the current Working Group with a Cloud-based deployment going live in April for Leeds City Council Highways & Transportation. And you can find us at the APSE Roadshow in March with Profess Roads Cost Manager.

2014 will also see additional work on Time Manager with an app edition for smaller hand-held devices as well as an API for greater integration with partner systems.

Then there’s the planned return of the Profess NUC (National User Conference) this year with some big announcements. Expect this to be early Autumn 2014.

Watch this space for more NUC2014 details.

Carl Spiby 05-Mar-2014