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Profess Time Manager Mobile

Profess Time Manager Mobile is a FREE add-on for Time Manager subscribers optimised for mobile devices.

Currently in its proof-of-concept and test phase, this edition is built for iOS. Profess Time Manager Mobile requires a web connection and has not yet been optimised for other mobile devices. These screenshots were grabbed from our Pillar office live edition on an iPhone 6S... 

 Profess Time Manager Mobile: login page

Your login in Profess Time Manager Mobile is the same as your existing Time Manager login as this is the same account but just presented on a different device.

 In my settings page, I can select my default page: Tracker or Journal 

Most of the Settings here apply to Profess Time Manager Mobile, but if you change your Password, for example, here, then this will also change your Browser edition password as its the same account.


The Journal view has the Date, Next / Previous day controls, and then the start and end of each event with the Project on the top line and Activity on the second. I can add a new Event or view what I've already booked time to. At the bottom I can switch to the Tracker view, edit my Favourites or go to the Settings page. At the very bottom (right) is the hours booked in that day (2 working hours in this example) and my Flexi balance at the end of the day (+13.5hrs flexi credit - yippee). 

You can mix and match mobile and browser editions of Time Manager. For example, at our office I might use the Tracker to record my time on my mobile device whilst also having Time Manager open in my browser for monitoring Project information or running reports, managing Leave and Expenses or Approving Timesheets. My browser has become my management tool and my device my personal time recording/tracking tool and I can have them both open at the same time.

The Tracker view is the same as the Journal, except I can just click the play > button to start time recording and stop to halt time tracking. In fact, when I click play > on another favourite it will automatically stop the previous. In the Settings you can set rounding so, if for example I start tracking a -NEWBUS (Project) and Sales (Activity) at 10.03am and stop or move to another event at 10.13 for example it will round that time - according to my settings - to the nearest 15mins. Thus the event would run from 10am to 10.15am in this example.

This proof-of-concept edition of Profess Time Manager Mobile is under trial with Place Partnership (PPL). Founding shareholders in PPL were Hereford & Worcester Fire Authority, Redditch Borough Council, Warwickshire Police, West Mercia Police, Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council. Together they share a portfolio of 1,323 assets across four counties, employing 200 staff and targeting savings of £58million in its first 10 years. They identified Profess Time Manager Mobile as ideal for remote offices with slow VPN connections back to their central site, and are currently considering a switch to the Cloud edition of Profess Time Manager to accelerate the project.

DISCLAIMER: as a beta the above design and final functionality are subject to change

Carl Spiby 15-Dec-2016