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Profess / Contract Manager for Windows 5.0.031(7) released

Build 5.0.031(7) of Profess Contract Manager & Profess Office Costing for Windows has been released. 

This latest build of our professional Windows product comprises 12 work tickets. This includes additional work on SMV (standard minute values) added to Work Order Schedule of Rates automatically calculated using the Property/site area or perimeter based as derived by the Units declared on the SMV line.

A Work Order can now be assigned multiple Properties/sites and furthermore these properties/site can be automatically inherited from the Contract/Project. These changes also apply to Repeat Orders.

A new URL/web page field is now available for each Property/asset record; ideal for storing the location of a property/asset record from either your intranet or external site. A button control also allows you to open a browser with that page sent to the address bar for loading.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to improve the Querying toolkit available at the top of all major Browse windows. While you’ve been able to save queries for a long time now, the name or label associated with the saved Query was the Query string itself – which hasn’t been particularly user friendly, especially in long or more complex Queries. This build allows you to save your own label/title for your queries using naming that means something to you and your fellow users.

Call our Helpdesk on 01531 821 199 for details on how to access our secure download area if you'd like to update to this new version or would like a copy of the full release notes for this build.