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Established in 1994, Pillar Software Ltd. became employee-owned in April 2017and in doing so, for the first time in our 24 year history, the engines of the business – our employees – became the owners of our business.

Now we’ve completed our first year. The most difficult year since our formation. The journey included resisting what was essentially hostile take-over, but our determination and dedication to our clients alongside our belief in the potential of our products and our own talents meant that the path of employee ownership was the obvious route for all involved at Pillar Software.

Purchase price aside, profits are up; turnover is up and employee-engagement is up. Horizontal participation in every sphere of our business is also up.

Director, Carl Spiby commented:

“More than ever colleagues are bursting with enthusiasm for the next major build of Profess, and for the first time we’re all involved at every level. To me, going employee-owned is a logical extension of working more collaboratively. Work well together is important in most industries, but in the creative workspace such as ours, collaboration is vital to ongoing success. Everyone’s ideas have value. Now everyone has a voice, and a shared purpose. The result is we think we’re designing better software that’s more powerful, useful and easier to use.”

Deb Oxley, CEO of the Employee Ownership Association, said:

“Congratulations to our member Pillar Software as it completes its first year as an employee owned business seeing a leap in profit and performance driven by its employees. We look forward to supporting them to develop and grow as part of their employee owned business cycle for many years to come.”

So let us take this moment to thank our partners who helped us along the way: the Employee Ownership Association, Wrigleys Solicitors from Leeds, our Usk/Chepstow-based Business Growth Group and of course, all our customers. If we’ve done this right, the only change you’ll have witnessed as we switched to employee-owned will have been improvements to the way we deliver services. Everything else has happened behind the scenes.

Next year we expect you’ll see more from these positive changes in collaboration and ownership of not just our business, but also our products, services, processes and outcomes.

We’d also like to thank Albany Pumps Ltd., Gloucestershire who helped us understand employee ownership in action. Formed in 1902, they demonstrated how a dedication to continuity and security, about valuing staff and fostering pride in your portfolio were ideals we could relate to, even if our businesses were poles apart: both in size and nature. We were delighted to be joining the likes of Arup Global, CIPFA, Mott MacDonald, London Borough of Sutton, the John Lewis Partnership, The National Self Building and Renovation Centre, Lush, the Unity Trust Bank alongside hundreds of other employee-owned UK companies that add over £30bn to the UK economy.

Please excuse us if our normal availability dips on Friday 20th April: that’s the day we’ve elected to celebrate our achievements in this first year. We’re delighted that our business is more secure than ever, that we have control of our own shared destiny; and that our continuity is as assured as our passion for the future of Pillar Software and Profess. We hope you share in our delight.


Carl Spiby 12-Apr-2018